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Shortness of Breath & Dizziness

Any else experiencing either of these??  I've been getting shortness of breath for several weeks now when I'm standing for more than a few minutes.  Today though while driving in to work I had to get off the phone with my mom because I could hardly breath.  I got all panicky about it and started getting really hot.  It was so weird. 

I've also been experiencing random bouts of dizziness.  Most of the time it's while I'm sitting at my desk and it only lasts for about a minute. 

Is this common?  I don't want to call my dr if they are just going to be like yeah, the baby is squishing your lungs, you'll be fine.  I go to my perinatal on Friday so I can ask him then if I need to. 

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Re: Shortness of Breath & Dizziness

  • I have a lot of shortness of breath, even just from walking up a simple flight of stairs.  Shortness of breath I think is common as baby is pressing up organs such as lungs.

      The thing I'm concerned about is that while at rest (sitting at desk, watching tv) my heart will start racing and I get light headed.  I'm not sure if this is normal and I intend to ask the doc today.

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  • I get both of these -- shortness of breath daily and dizziness a couple times a week. You'll probably get some generic answer from your OB like I did this past Monday, but I would go ahead and just ask on Friday when you're there.
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  • I complained about dizziness and I was told to eat something or sit down. When I told them that I was still lightheaded when I sat down, they said that I am pregnant.
  • I get the shortness of breath from standing too.  So weird!  But my doctor says it's because baby hasn't dropped yet.  Apparently that's when I'll be able to stand without feeling like I just completed a 10k.
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  • I've been getting the same thing. I get shortness of breath, feel dizzy, start to get sweaty and see spots. I went to the hospital and they told me what I had was an anxiety attack. Just be careful ladies. I've experienced it 3x in the past month and I have never experienced them before pregnancy.
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