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Pubic bone pain

Last night when H and I were taking a walk, all of a sudden I felt pretty serious pain in my pelvic/pubic bone region.  Right up front.  It made it hard to walk.  I've been having cramping and RLP and things like that recently, so I expect things to feel pretty funny.  I know everything is stretching for the baby.  But this was pretty painful.

It went away after like 10 min, and I went about my business.  Today I was taking a walk and it happened again.   My sister is a family doctor (who delivers babies and has 2 kid of her own), so I called her.  She told me that it's symphysis pubic disfunction.  Apparently the pubic bone has a separation, and when everything loosens during pregnancy, this separates a bit, and then can rub and hurt.  

It's more painful than anything I've felt so far, so it kind of freaked me out!  I just wanted to warn everyone about it, so you weren't surprise.  I know we talk about sciatica, and RLP here, but I haven't heard of this one yet.   

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Re: Pubic bone pain

  • I remember that pain from my pregnancy with DS. I was hoping that I'd get through this pregnancy without it but after spending most of yesterday out running errands, by the time I got home, my left hip & left side of my pubic bone were hurting so bad I was ready to cry.
  • I had SPD with my DS and from July to Nov I couldn't even lift my legs to put on my shoes, socks, pants etc and it was so painful to climb our stairs. I really hope this is an odd pain for you.
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  • I have had SPD since October of last year when I was pregnant with my DD, unfortunately another fun thing that didn't heal in those 3 months before I got KU again...It hurts like all get out! I can feel the grinding. Sometimes it hurts so bad it swells and I end up switching heat and ice on it.


  • It's funny you mentioned this b/c I was feeling VERY similiar to this yesterday ALL day.  I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle from jogging the day before...but it primarily only hurt when I would walk.  Today I woke up feeling fine thank goodness though.
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