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We got in!

Today I had a consultation with a midwife at the birthing center that we want to use and we got in!  We're so excited!!  DH and I fell in love with the place when we toured but we didn't think we'd get in because they were already booked for February. Based on my LMP, cycle length and date of conception, they think I'll have a March baby so decided to accept me!  :-)  I know LO will come on his/her own clock so I don't plan on leaving this board. I think I've found my home girls so I'm going to stay put.  :-)   YAY  :-D

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  • Hooray!! Congrats on getting in to the birth centre you wanted!! That's wonderful news. :D
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  • Great news!

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  • I'm kind of still in shock.  I have made a HUGE commitment because pain meds are not an option there.  This is my first and I may not know what I've gotten myself into but I'm still really happy about it.  The environment is so spa-like, I hope they can handle my potty mouth because I'm sure I'll be using a few choice words through  out my labor.  Big Smile
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