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Would you just feed from one breast?

DS has always preferred the left breast and had difficulties with the right. I was barely getting 1 oz out of it before I had to quit BFing 3 weeks ago. Now, I'm attempting relactation. I'm getting drops out of the right when I pump, but DS refuses to stay latched on since he's not getting much. He will stay on the left side for an hour if I let him and I get almost an ounce out of it if I pump.

Would it just seem easier to focus on getting the left back to speed and giving up on the right? I would think my supply on it would come back faster if he was always eating from there, and he'll comfort nurse there forever.

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Re: Would you just feed from one breast?

  • In other countries moms let the baby choose which breast to eat off of and they just nurse on one side.  In our country, however, looks mean a lot and you will most likely be lopsided if you do this.  If that doesn't bother you then there is no medical reason not to only feed on one side.  I have to admit that I'm too vain to do that as there is already a difference in size between the two, but life would be much easier if I only fed from the right side as it is DS's preferred size and I definitely make more on that side.  
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  • I'm having a similar issue with my left breast.  DS definitely likes the right side better.  I was reading on the Kelly Mom website about babies having preferences, and she says that it's okay to feed only from one side if necessary.  I'm no expert, so I don't want to give you advice in the event that I'm wrong, but I think it would be okay if you ended up only nursing from one side.  Try contacting your doctor or lactation consultant and see what they have to say.
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  • Does he like to linger at the breast & suck for comfort (even if he's partially sleeping)?  If so, what I'd do is feed him on the left first, then switch him to the right & keep him on there as long as possible.  And pump the right a ton.  Like as much as you can.

    Edit:  I could have easily fed DD of the left only as it was the "stud" side for me & always made more milk.  But as PP indicated I would have been very lopsided if I did this & I didn't want that so I kept up with BFing/pumping the right & got what I could out of that side.

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