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Pregnancy comparison PIP

Okay you always hear:

I got sooooooo much bigger with my second. So here's a comparison of me pg with DS 1 at 35 weeks and pg with DS 2 now, at 35 weeks.

I actually think I've stayed pretty much the same in size, so don't always believe the "scary comments"! (feel free to tell me I'm not that close in size lol)



Re: Pregnancy comparison PIP

  • I would say you are pretty close in size. I will say that you look slightly bigger this time around. Not by much, but just a tad. It does look like you LO might be slightly bigger though.


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  • I'm drastically bigger than the first time around. I carried DD very deeply and DS just wants the world to know he's coming. :) I think you look beautiful!
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  • You look so close to the same size! You look great! I was actually bigger with my DD than I am with DS right now. I carried her a lot wider on the sides and he is still allowing me to have a waist. So that theory didn't work for me either...
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  • I got bigger faster, but now, I must say that I look pretty much the same I did at the same time last time I was pregnant.  My clothes are fitting the same way for a few weeks now and LO is growing right on track.
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  • You look GREAT!!! I can see how you are carrying differently this time. I am, too!
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