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BLW - let's talk poo...

We never did any baby cereals, or high iron extras... J is ebf... we have a dairy intolerance which makes me worry...

What are your transitional poos like? J's farts smell (I was prould and happy for 2 seconds, then it was gross.) His poo has become very stringy, mucousy, lots more curds than before. I just worry that it might show allergies with the stringiness, verses just more solid with solids...


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Re: BLW - let's talk poo...

  • I haven't noticed much difference, it's a just little thicker, darker, and there are tiny bits of food sometimes. B doesn't really eat that much yet though.
  • The only difference for us has been a variance in color and thickness.

  • They're unable to completely digest everything the way the we can. It's normal to see bits come through undigested or stringy poo. As long as there is no pain, blood, or constipation- he should be just fine. Call your pedi for reassurance! Or ask on the forum here:


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