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6 weeks and my boobs are the same size!

This is my first, and everyone was always saying that your boobs grow almost instantly, but i haven't had any change at all, no soreness either, just my nipples are tender.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Re: 6 weeks and my boobs are the same size!

  • imageLeah&Jack:

    All in good time.

    Every pregnancy is different.

    Every woman is different.

    Are there any other cliches to add? 

    Be careful what you wish for.

    i wish i could be joking but my dad is the music teacher at a church so he owuld be mad. we had sex, all the time how bad i know but we dont want to wait and he said GREAT OH KAY! and I was really feeling the wets? down there- too embarsed to say- but he acted like man.
  • My first two pregnancies I didn't have boob growth until after the babies were born and my milk came in, my boobs were only slightly tender during my pregnancies.  This time around there were sore and swollen a week after I got pregnant, of course I wasn't sure I was pregnant then, not until I missed my period and took a hpt.  I think its normal if they don't change a lot, every pregnancy and every one is different.  If they don't change right away, they might change the later you are in your pregnancy, and they WILL change when your milk comes in!
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  • I dont notice much change in mine either....however I am counting my blessings because they are already big enough and I know its only going to get worse with pregnancy. And yes...everyone is different so I wouldn't get too worried. 

    I say this but I have been really nervous because my only symptoms so far have been slight cramping and a missed period....I know I should be careful what I wish for but I wouldn't mind feeling slightly more preggers to put my mind at ease

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  • They may not grow at all.  Friend had twins- boobs never got bigger.
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  • I'm clocking in at nearly 39w and my boobs haven't changed.
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  • When I was pg w/DD, I was up a size by 8 weeks but that was it until my milk came in after she was born. This time around, no changes yet...I really wish they would though! I could always use help in the boob dept. :)
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  • Sadly enough, I am not endowed at all, was soooo looking forward to boobies with DD, and nothing!  This pg, still nothing!!!  I'm still holding out hope!!!

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  • In pregnancy no. 1, my breasts did not change at all.  Then my milk came in 6 days postpartum, and... WHOA!
  • Relax! I had sore boobs pretty much right off the bat but no significant changes until the 10th wk, where they got a little fuller and um, well... the nipples are changing and getting bigger.

    As a lot of other women described, its still normal to have great variation, from no change to great changes postpartum. You are very early in pregnancy, there are many changes that will come!


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  • Mine feel fuller but I don't think they necessarily look bigger. Personally, I'm fine with no huge boob growth right now. I don't want to go through the annoyance of getting new bras!
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  • I think mine are starting to change. It started with sensitive nipples last week and this week, still sensitive, but they are feeling fuller, might look fuller too.
  • No, not everyone's boobs grow instantly.  You're not that far along and there is still plenty of time for your boobs to change.
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  • You are going to be so much fun.

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  • I'm 38 weeks and my boobs are the same size. : Not everyone gets ridiculous knockers during pregnancy.
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  • For the first few weeks, just my nipples were sore. Starting about a week ago, they're sore everywhere, but they haven't really gotten bigger. They FEEL full, but they don't look bigger yet.
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  • I am 11 weeks 6 days and my BBs have not grown at all. Some days they feel fuller, but no size change.
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  • Sit back & count yourself lucky. Gradual I increase in size is less painful. Mine started aching even before I got my BFP. (Hence the trip to Wal Mart for the tests) They have been ridiculous ever since. You don't have to buy all new shirts sans buttons either. Heck, you might even get to forgo roadmap boobs at the beach! :) Lucky girl!
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