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Is this normal? (slow eating)

DS will be two months old tomorrow, and he is still taking 35-40 minutes to nurse, and is wanting to nurse every 2 hours during the day, and every 3-4 hours at night.

Combined with the fact that he won't nap for more than 20 minutes unless he is being held, I hardly have time to get anything done other than maybe eat and go to the bathroom (forget about showering!).

I guess I'm wondering if it's normal for him to be nursing so slowly at his age. I have heard that babies get more efficient as they get older, but I'm still waiting on that to happen. It will happen, right?? 


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Re: Is this normal? (slow eating)

  • Yup.  That's normal but don't worry, he WILL become more efficient as he gets older.  For now, enjoy the time when you get to sit on your butt and watch TV / movies while he nurses.  Once he's mobile, it's all over!  :)  

    My DD took 20 - 30 minute naps until around 6 months.  Then she started lengthening her naps to an hour.  Try to shower when your SO is home.  I used to tell my DH that showering is so overrated.  ;)

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  • 2 questions...

    Are you sure he's still 'eating' ie swallowing after 35 minutes??  Nathan will 'eat' for only about 10 minutes now at his age but will stay there much longer and comfort suck if I let him.

    Are you sure he's hungry at 2 hours or just tired??  I used to mistake his tired cues and just wanting to suck for hunger.  Now he only eats every 3 hours.  I offer a paci if I know he's tired instead of my boob:)

    If you're sure he's just a slow eater and he's actually hungry every 2 hours, then it's completely normal at this age.  I'm sure it will get easier. 

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  • Normal. DS was the same way. I kept waiting for the "more efficient" time to come... I think DS took his sweet time to reach that point, probably not until about 7-8 months for us!

    This, too, shall pass :)

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