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Implantation Bleed (Freaking Out)

I am 7 weeks, 3 days pregnant.  At 5 weeks, 5 days, I had my first u/s.  My doctor called me today and told me that he got my u/s results back and that I had an implantation bleed and that the baby's heartbeat was a little low (98 bpm).

 Has anyone had an implantation bleed?  I did a blood test yesterday and I was told my hCG level was 139,534.  I don't know much about hCG levels.  Does that sound right for where I am in my pregnancy?

 I have another u/s scheduled for next week to see if everything is ok but I am going to be freaking out until then.  

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Re: Implantation Bleed (Freaking Out)

  • Someone else recently had an HCG question. I read the link that was posted and basically it said not to read too much into them. That they vary from 20,000-180,000 for 6 weeks - that kind of variation. I wouldn't worry too much. The doctor would let you know if there was a serious issue. Prob just wait and see.
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  • I had one, but mine was due to the doctor said it's the placenta implanting into my uterus wall and I had some spotting. She said it's common and nothing to worry about. She did an ultrasound and even showed me where it was on the ultra sound
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