High-Risk Pregnancy


So I had my first offical doctors appointment today where they do the fun pap smear and before that I got to hear my little peanuts heart beat!!!! It was moving around alot so the nurse said so it was hard to keep it longer than 30 secs, but it was about 165 bmp!!! SO HAPPY!!!!

I had been so nervous b/c I had read so many  blogs about women that went at 9 weeks to hear the heatbeat and there was NOTHING!!!! Since I'm so high risk it was just very reassuring that my bundle of joy is doing GREAT!!!

I just wanted to share my  news w/ everyone and to let you know that we are doing GREAT over here in these parts of KY!!!

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  • Aww thats great! So happy for you


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  • Keep up the good work, mama! With so many horror stories on the internet, it's nice to hear good news sometimes :)
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