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1st Trimester

When did you tell?

We are expecting our first in May (currently 4wks).  We have been trying to decide when we want to tell our families...but we know that there will likely be so much excitement that everyone will know after that.  When did you start to tell others?

Re: When did you tell?

  • I am 4 weeks and 3 days. DH is worried about telling anyone just yet. He doesn't want to jinx anything. So far just my mom and dad know. Maybe we will wait until the first u/s. We had been trying for a year and don't want to get too excited until we are sure it os a sticky baby.
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  • We are about 6 weeks, and we've told our families and close friends who knew we were trying...its such an exciting time, it was really hard to try and not tell people!
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  • We told our parents last weekend at about 6 weeks. We're waiting to tell the rest of the family & friends until at least 10-12 weeks or once we've heard a heartbeat.
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  • I've told mostly everyone close to me. I have a "cousin dinner" set up for a couple weeks out and another dinner with girlfriends scheduled at the end of Sep. We can't hold it in :)
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  • We told my parents at 9 weeks, will tell other close family members and friends at 12 weeks, extended family members and other friends at 15 weeks and hopefully not work until 20+ weeks.
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  • The only person who knows is my sister who I told when I was 7 weeks.  We plan on telling our parents either this weekend or next weekend.  Everyone else after I am out of the first trimester.

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  • We're telling between 11 and 12 weeks. We want to wait until the risk goes way down. It was hard not to tell after the heartbeat, but we also want to tell them in person, so based on travel plans we have to stick with the original plan. It's really hard, but at the same time I like that right now it's just between DH and me. It gives us time to get used to it together before we share it with the world.
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  • Thanks ladies!  I'm going to try hard to hold out for a little while, but I'm so excited that it's driving me crazy.  I'm glad that my family lives an hour away because everytime I'm on the phone with them, I feel like I'm going to burst!  Big Smile
  • I found out at about 5wks that I was pregnant and didnt want to tell anyone until like 12wks. But I work at a hospital and I almost got kicked in the stomach by a combative patient and then we had a bunch of isolations on our floor, so I had to spill the beans for safety reasons. But I made it official to everyone right when I heard the heartbeat! :) I definitely could not wait until 12wks!
  • We told people around 6 weeks, then miscarried! So this time around we are waiting until we hear a heartbeat before we tell most people.. our families know though. They always know when I don't have wine at family dinners!

  • We waited just a few days, but couldn't wait longer.  I think I was 5-6 weeks when we were telling people.
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  • Other than 2 of my friends, we haven't told anyone.  We're waiting until after a positive first appointment and u/s at 7.5 weeks, but I ever hate to tell people right after that because our last pregnancy a couple months ago had a good u/s, betas, and heartbeat, then we lost it less than a week later.  I pretty much am undecided.  All I know is that it's too early right now.
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  • With our first we told after the 1st apt, I was about 10 weeks.

    With our 2nd we told right away, around 7 weeks

    With this one we are waiting again. Probably will tell soon (I am about 9 weeks and this is totally unexpected!!). My SIL just got married this past weekend and we didn't want to steal her thunder.

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