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My poor DS (the 5 year old)

He was playing in the back yard and jumped down from the top of their fort...and bit the crap out of his tongue.  He got it in the back with his molars and it bled SO bad for a while.  Poor thing was just crying and crying.  I gave him a wet baby washcloth (the thin ones) with ice in it but it just hurt so bad even to touch to ice.  There was a big ol' flap of skin hanging off the top of his tongue.  I called the nurse line and they said he didn't need to go in for stitches unless the bleeding wouldn't stop.  He was ok for a while, but he went to bed 2 hours ago and he keeps waking up crying that it hurts :(  Poor thing...the Tylenol doesn't seem to be helping much and I hate that I can't do anything for him.  Boo.


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Re: My poor DS (the 5 year old)

  • :( ouch! Poor guy, hope he feels better. Try a salt water rinse tomorrow to help it heal.
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  • Poor boy :( Sounds like he deserves lots and lots of ice cream tomorrow. Hope he feels better soon!

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