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need help please ---Baby won't nurse in the evening

I can use any advice anyone has. My baby is 8 weeks old and it started a few weeks ago that we just have had so much trouble with the evening feedings. She is great during the day and in the middle of the night feedings but the evening is a different story. I really think she is hungry because it will be 2-3 hours from the previous feeding yet she won't eat. Also she is chomping on her hand and licking the air but yet won't eat. She just screams. She is super needy and only wants to be held and bounced she won't let you even put her down in her swing or anything she just screams even louder. Has anyone experienced this and have any advice on how to get her to eat. Please and Thank you in advance, we've been going at this for hours now and i'm going crazy!!!!!
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Re: need help please ---Baby won't nurse in the evening

  • Have you tried different feeding positions? Whenever my LO refuses and I know she is hungry I put her in a different position which helps.  Also, have you introduced a pacifier yet?  She might just want to suckle.  My LO knew the difference very quickly, sometimes she just wanted to suck to soothe and would get mad when she would get milk when she wasn't hungy.  She would later spit out the pacifier and turn her head towards me when she was ready to eat.
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    My son used to do this before bed.  I think he was just overtired and easily overwhelmed.  Nursing in side lying ( I have an oversupply so this was always a good position for us) in a quiet room without a lot of stimulation really helped.
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