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NBR,1 nice stranger and 50 or so a$$holes.....longish

So about an hour ago my dad was watching E and I decided to go and get some KFC for us. I drove his car since my F took ours to work as usual. I'm at a red light at a busy intersection and the car shuts off and wont come back on. I thought "maybe he's out of gas" and he happened to have some gas in the trunk so I got out in the middle of the road and poured in the gas and it would still not start.

Pretty embarassing being stuck like that but all these people kept driving by and nobody would help. After about 10 minutes this man walked over from the gas station to help me :). I bought 2 quarts of oil and he poured them in and was able to start it up for me.

He offered to drive me home if my dad wanted me to just leave the car there but I told him that I thought I would be able to make it back home. I kept thanking him the whole time and he said that he has a daughter in college and he couldnt stand the thought of someone not helping her in a situation like this. He told me that I was pretty calm and I just told him that there are worst things that could happen.

Little does he know that that 30ish minutes was the most I had to myself all day lol. I made it back home and the car is fine, other than the indicator light that never came on. Is that strange that I kind of enjoyed being stuck like that?

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Re: NBR,1 nice stranger and 50 or so a$$holes.....longish

  • I would have been scared out of my mind!!  Nice job on staying so calm...end even enjoying it.  And what a nice guy :)


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