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Should I start pumping now?

Hi Ladies. I'd like some advice on when to start pumping. I'm going back to work in about 3 weeks, but I'll probably only have to go into the office a couple of days per week for a little while. I think I'm ready to start pumping to build a freezer stash. DH is also excited about getting to feed LO her 1 bottle per day starting in the next few days. Does that mean I should pump twice per day until I go back to work? 

If so, I'm thinking about pumping once after her morning feeding and once in the early afternoon. Should I space the pumping sessions out more?

Thanks for your advice! 

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Re: Should I start pumping now?

  • Now would be a good time provided you have no BF issues.  Don't expect to get a lot at one time.  Also, don't pump too much or you could have to deal with an oversuppply.  I pumped enough for 1 bottle plus a couple of ounces extra for the freezer.  I also found it better to pump before DD ate since she was much more efficient than the pump.  I would pump when she gets her bottle and once during the day when you think you will be pumping at work.
  • I started pumping right around the same time as you. I would pump at night when DH would give DS his bottle before bedtime. This built me a decent sized stash for when I went back to work. If I would have pumped in the morning I would have gotten a larger stash, but I was kind of lazy. :)
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  • When I was starting my stash, I pumped 45 minutes after his first feeding of the day - usually around 8:00 - and then right before bed. When DH started giving him 1 bottle a day, I also pumped then.
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  • I pump once a day- if she only takes on side in the first feeding of the day I pump the other boob immediately after, and the one she ate from about an hour later. If she goes for both I double pump an hour after her breakfast. Morning is when your supply is highest. When DH starts giving her a bottle I'll pump at the same time she gets the bottle to keep supply stable for her.
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