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Moms with large breasts....

Hi Ladies!

Do any of you use a handsfree pumping bra? If so, which one would you recommend? I am currently a 44DD and havent found any hands free pumping bras that fit.

Also, using an old sports bra does not work for me. The breastshields do not stay in place and milk leaks out the bottom of the breast shield.

I appreciate your recommendations. :)

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Re: Moms with large breasts....

  • I am also interested, I wear a 36J now.  Ugh.  I'd love to pump to and form work since my commute is an hour.
  • I'm a 38F right now.  I use a sports bra.  I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you.  I just bought a 3 pack of the spaghetti strap kind so they hide under my clothes easily. 

    So long as they are tight enough, I don't have a problem.  To keep them nice and tight, I wash them at least weekly.  I will probably get another 3 pack or 2, so that I have at least one brand new one for each day of the week.

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  • Also.  Have you considered that maybe you need a better fitting shield?  If milk is coming out, then your shield may be to big and isn't getting "suctioned" on to your breast well enough.  A smaller size might work better.
  • I got the simple wishes. I wear a 40G. It more than fits. I think I got an XL or XXL.
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  • I have the Medela Easy Expression Bustier that I got on Amazon. I'm a 40G, and the size chart put me in the XXL but close to the XL, so I bought the XL. Very happy with it, and glad I didn't buy the larger size as there is a bit of stretch to it.

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  • i am very large as well and I use the rubber band trick from its under hands free nursing great for me.
  • I'm a 36J & the Simple Wishes in XS/S/M fits well, w/plenty of room to spare. I looked up the size chart & their L/XL/XXL says it goes up to 44AA to 36J
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