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first morning sickness...gag

Well, ladies looks like I got my first taste of morning sickness this morning/day/night.  It's awful, cant keep anything down.  I've been hearing Ginger is good.. anything else work for you all?  I'm just munching on pretzels and hoping it will stay down.. 

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Re: first morning sickness...gag

  • That stinks! I am curious to hear what other say. I haven't actually been sick yet, but feel queasy from the time I wake up until I go to bed.
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  • I take wheat crackers with me when I go out and water. When I'm at home, I eat grapes. I find constantly having some food in my stomach helps.

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  • you and me both! What has been helping me is Sea Bands - you can get them at walgreens- and popsicles, and ALOT of ginger ale. Also, the smell and taste of lemons have been helping me too.. Dont know why. Im going to try Preggie Pops, you can order them online, or get them at Motherhood stores... and crakers are great too!


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  • I feel pretty good as long as I have food in my stomach.  I have woken up every night this week about 3:30 feeling awful so I think I have figured out I need to eat something before bed.  Although after dinner I don't want anything on my stomach!!!  The thought of food after dinner makes me sick. Weird!
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  • I picked up a bag of Lemon Drops. Every time I start to feel bad I pop one in my mouth. I didn't think they would work but they did the trick for me. I also picked up ginger ale but the lemon drops worked better for me. 


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