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Sweet tea lovers

I know that caffeine must be limited now. But for those of you who know what I mean by - I need my sweet tea - what did you do? I've been having 1 glass a day which I know is OK, but have any of you tried switching to decaf and making it the same way? Sweet decaf tea? Any suggestions?
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Re: Sweet tea lovers

  • I just try not to think about it lol. My husband had a caramel cappacino in front of me and I could smell it...omg it smelled amazing. I've cut back my caffeine all together. but I know they say some won't hurt. You could check into different types of sweet tea and see if there is less caffeine in any other brands to try or try the decaf.
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  • Mmmm...I love sweet tea!  I've cut out pretty much all caffeine (except one or two cups of tea a week) and I've never had decaf sweet tea, but I think it would be worth experimenting with!  Did I look at the store to see if I could buy decaf sweet tea premade?  Yes Big Smile

    If not, a glass a day isn't bad.

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  • The chemicals they use to make stuff decaf is most likely worse for you and the baby than the caffeine.  Enjoy your caffeinated sweet tea (in moderation!)!!  :)
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  • I still drink a glass in the morning and have bought decaf for the afternoon but geez it's double the price of regular Lipton
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  • I loooove my sweet tea too!!!
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  • I actually just found an iced tea mix which is decaffeinated!  It is made my Lipton. 
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