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What's hypo for GD?

No one told me that I remember, only to use the tabs if I felt low.  So I felt weird before eating lunch -dizzy and sleepy eyed - so I tested and readings were 71 and 75.  DH said eat something now so I did and 40 min after first testing it was 109 tho I still felt a little funny.  I thought hypo was like 50s or 60s for regular people, no clue about GD, but I sure didn't feel right.  Is this ok or should I call the dr if it happens again?  I think I just went too long between breakfast and when I did eat but I almost called someone I felt so odd and I was alone. 
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Re: What's hypo for GD?

  • I'm curious to the answer myself.  I was in a situation yesterday where before lunch, I was feeling shaky and tired.  I had eaten breakfast and 2 morning snacks so I knew it wasn't from not eating.  My blood sugar was 56 before I ate lunch.  I ate a pretty carb-heavy lunch and left a message with the midwife at my OB to report it since it (to me) was pretty low.  When I got a call back, she said I managed it fine and to call back if I had another result before 70 post-prandial, which my result wasn't.  She didn't seem too concerned but I'm glad I called, just to get some reassurance.
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  • I think hypo can really be defined as a number you start to feel uncomfortable at. I think anything below 60 is too low for most people...but some people will feel hypoglycemic at 70 or 80...I think having a small snack then to bring that number up a bit is completely justified.


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  • I think it really depends on your body. My doctor gave me a flow chart to follow if I felt hypo. It does not have actual numbers on it, just guidelines for how you are feeling physically.

    In the morning, my fasting number is in the high 40's/low 50's. That is because I'm on Glyburide. When I wake up, I know right away just how low I am running.

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  • Too low for non-diabetics or Type II (and maybe Type I?) diabetics is considered below 70. However, in pregnancy blood sugars naturally trend lower (unless you have GD) so too low is considered below 60. 

    Did you have a snack between breakfast and lunch? You need to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid crashes. If you do crash, my doctor recommends the glucose tablets, or if they aren't available, drinking 8 oz milk or juice, or half a can of soda and testing your blood sugar every 15 minutes until you're back up. Once you're back above 60 you should eat a snack, or a meal if it's mealtime.

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  • I didn't eat a snack, I normally don't, but that didn't work today.  I should've did the tabs or juice but I grabbed a can of soda and then it shot up to 145.  I haven't felt good since.  Definitely learned the value of eating and snacking properly today.  I would say I feel silly complaining since others are in the 40s/50s but I honestly felt bad.  My fasting is always above 92 and this 71 was after breakfast. 
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  • Hypo is defined as under 70, but I usually feel ok until I hit the 50s or lower.  Under 40 is really quite bad.
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  • My MFM wants me in the 60-114 range 2 hours after a meal.  I don't feel hypo until I am in the low 50's.  I sometimes have a fasting value in the 40's or 50's and feel fine (I'm not on meds).  My usual fasting is in the 60's.  My averages for after meals are in the 70's to 80's (with occasional 60's or 90's) and I feel fine in that range.  Tell your doctor that you felt ill in the lower 70's when you go in for your next appt.
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