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Vivid dreams

I have been hating my dreams this week!  Every night since Sunday I have been having incredibly vivid dreams and they all have to do with my DH cheating on me or leaving me.  They're so real I wake up so confused.  I haven't been sleeping well because of them and we all know how much extra sleep we need right now.

I'm just so tired, frustrated, and sad right now!

Re: Vivid dreams

  • Sorry you are having those nightmeres Sad

    Hormones I guess.  I've been having very very VERY vivid dreams as of last week but they were not like yours.  Try to think happy thought before going to bed Big Smile

    I did have a nightmare my position at work was eliminated and I had to return to my previous employer.  True Hell.

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  • Freaking hormones I hate them!

    I'll just have to make out with DH before going to bed so I know where his allegiances lie.

    Ugh, work dreams are horrible too!

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  • I have all sorts of crazy dreams during pregnancy! I believe it has to do with not sleeping well and waking more which means that while you always dream you remember them more during pregnancy when you are waking up and not sleeping as well. So annoying.
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  • This was one of my first symptoms during my 2ww and they continued for quite a while. They've died down to only about once per night now instead of all night, every night. I hope they ease up for you soon, it's really irritating!
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  • haha, I have those cheating dreams too, a lot lately.  The other night I actually started hitting the bf, lol.  He was like "WTF!!!"  Mine have died down as well, like one a night now


  • My dreams are extremely vivid and VERY strange. Last night it did involve cheating a little, he kissed a girl that was pretty much my twin, only we weren't related. Very odd. Oddly enough though, Hubby is the one that keeps having the cheating dreams! Lol. He keeps dreaming Im cheating on him, so weird! Its normal, don't let it bother you. They're just dreams after all :)
  • the vivid dreams have died down alot for me!! i hope it gets better for you!



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