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Going cupcake testing for the baby shower! :D IDEAS??!??!

My MIL is getting us the cuppie cakes for the shower.  Any ideas for how we should have the baker decorate them?

No 'theme' just a set of colors: Green, Orange and Yellow.

Shower is set for Sept 24th. 

Hmmm. . .  

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Re: Going cupcake testing for the baby shower! :D IDEAS??!??!

  • Yum!!  Could you do stripes?  Those colors would be so pretty in stripes!
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  • NOM NOM NOM!!!  You said cupcake.  After that I lost my concentration...  

    Seriously though, the baker should have ideas!  I would see what they suggest!  

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  • image LGLDVM:

    I'm a fan of polka dots and stripes, I think they're so cute.

    I wanna cupcake!  You better share! :)

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  • ::drools:: cuuuuuupcakes. Have fun, lady!
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  • All sounds great to me..  cupcake yum!

    Enjoy your shower!!

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