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PSA, hospital pack list

I found this while researching something for work. I like that it is minimal but practical!


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Re: PSA, hospital pack list

  • It is a good list.

    I'll add:

    Keep the car seat in the car or at home. DH will be at home at least once during your stay so he can get it. Don't trek it in with you.

    I packed:

    2 toothbrushes, one for myself one for DH

    A spare outfit/lounge clothing for DH.... two reasons- my BFF delivered her baby, got up to walk the first time and peed all over the helping nurse and her DH who was helping her, the other reason, when I delivered DS it was around 9pm at night, so DH slept/stayed that night and it was nice to have those pj type clothing for him packed.  

    Shampoo wise I just packed a travel size. Also travel size MEN deodorant, so that I didn't have to pack two and DH had something to put on in the AM as well. 

    Also socks/slippers for DH as well.  

  • It is a good list!  Here's a few tips I've been told by some mom's that I am packing in my bag:

    -Non skid socks, in case they have you walk the hospital hallways to help move labor.  It will be nice to not slip around.  I saw some poor girl the other day doing this when I was at my doctors appointment at the hospital.

    -A blanket to photograph your baby in, if your hospital does photography after the baby is born.  Mine sends a photographer in the next day, and they just use a basic white blanket.  I'm bringing a blanket my mom knitted for the baby, and a printed receiving blanket for a backdrop.

    -Music.  I made a playlist on my ipod of motivational music, and packed a small player.  Probably I'll want to throw it off the wall at some point, but it's there.

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  • Oh also, if your caf isn't open 24/7 change for the vending machine for DH.
  • one of the gifts at my shower was from two friends from high school, it was the whole toiletry thing ? a few granola bars and a zip lock back full of change for the vending machines. Too bad we had already attached the travel section at Target.

    I also have 3 different size outfits for the baby - I don't know how big he's going to be so I wanted to be prepared. Preemie, Newborn and 0-3.

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  • Thanks for posting, this helps.
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