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Give me the lowdown on the NT scan

My previous pregnancies the NT scan was not offered to me; only the quad screen if you elected to complete it which did not involve an u/s - just bloodwork. 

 I asked my OB about the NT scan and she said she would refer me for the scan if I was interested. She normally refers out only for reason: history, advanced maternal age but I am not a fan of the quad screen and had read this is considerably more accurate.

When is it done 10-13 weeks? Bloodwork accompanies it? Thanks ;)

Re: Give me the lowdown on the NT scan

  • My doctor gives you the option of whether to have it done or not and does have to put in a referral to have it approved by insurance covers it 100%. It test for genetic disorders (down syndrome and two others that I can never remember the name of). I did the blood draw at 11 weeks and the ultrasound at 12 weeks, and everything was clear. It also involves another blood draw during the second trimester, I believe. 

    It sounds like many people choose not to do it either because of cost involved, or the results don't matter to them. Realistically, unless you are at the age where those disorders are a risk or have a family history of them, the likelihood of there being a problem is pretty low. 

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  • Thanks girls! This is #3 for us - we have no family history for genetic disorders and am only 31 but I am excited for a chance to see this baby again without having to wait til 20 weeks ;) Glad to hear it isn't tons of bloodwork either.
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