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Ahhh, why now?!

I've had nausea this WHOLE pregnancy but it did subside going into second tri.  I had never thrown up until last night. We had just had dinner and I was giving DD a bath when the urge  hit me.  Luckily I was in the bathroom...but why now?! at 16 weeks I throw up!!!

I also had to reschedule my anatomy scan because i'm working that day and can't get the day off.  I just started a new job THIS WEEK.  They don't know i'm pregnant and i'm not about to ask for days off this early in the game for appointments.  DH also woudn't be able to make it to our scan due to work so i'm scheduling an elective down the street for hopefully this week sometime...

Happy Hump Day everyone :)  Thanks for listening to my whining!!!!

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