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I just had a meltdown because I burned my belly!

I leaned over the stove to reach the cupboards above (something I have done 100s of times) but I guess I didnt realize the size of my stomach and I felt some extreme heat.

I burned my belly! I immediately grabbed some ice.  But then I panicked that the heat burned the baby and the ice was mean to her too! 

I had a fullout panic attack and was worried she was cooked.  I immediately went to lay down on my bed to get her to move.  Poor baby was probably sleeping but I kept pushing at her til she moved.  

I seriously had a huge meltdown.  I have calmed myself now.  and when I looked at my stomach, there isnt even a mark from the burn.  I thnk it just felt hot. 

Okay, mommy, can you make it 8 more weeks? never mind can you survive as a parent? 

Re: I just had a meltdown because I burned my belly!

  • I would have freaked too! And my belly skin is so sensitive right now, I can't even imagine what that felt like. Take it easy, and besides, haven't you heard the old wives tale about reaching over your head? See, they're not so dumb now, are they? Lol

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  • Ohh poor you! You care, so you will survive the next 8 weeks and beyond!
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