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doppler then going in for an ultrasound.....

I went in to my first appt today at my midwife group. They couldn't locate the heartbeat with the doppler, and she said its very common this early on based on the location of my uterus, baby's location, etc. 

She is sending me in for an ultrasound on Friday. I had a vaginal ultrasound with DS, I was with a different dr. 

Anyone else experience this and have to go from a doppler to an ultrasound. I am not worried, we just didn't expect to have to go back for an ultrasound. I think it will be good to see the baby and hear the hb. Instead of having to wait for my 20 week ultrasound.


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Re: doppler then going in for an ultrasound.....

  • With my DD I had the same thing happen (Actually it happened at 3 appointments).  I went right into the room for an u/s and they did the vaginal u/s to find it!
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  • Yes, it just happened to me last week at my 12 week appointment. After a student trying for minutes, and then the NP trying for like 5 minutes they gave up and we got a quick abdominal u/s. Got to see the HB that way. I think early on it is quite common to not find the HB with the doppler. There are a lot of variables. 
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  • This is me. I have now had 3 u/s because my ute is retroverted and tucked way the fvck down behind my pubic bone. No way they are going to hear the HB with doppler. They didn't even try today, just sent me directly to u/s.

    Nugget is fine, it is my ute that is causing the issues. 

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