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Newbie with a question

I'm 25 and I am 5w2d today and it's my first. Just wondering when I will be able to feel a hard knot or bump? I know it takes like 15-20 weeks before you are really showing besides bloat and such but I'm just curious as to when I can poke and feel something? It's probably silly, but it just seems so surreal and I don't get my first appointment until Sept 27th at 9w2d. :(


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  • It's a while off!  The baby is just the size of a sesame seed at this point.  Your ute has weeks before it will move out of your pelvis! Sorry! 
  • Thanks for answering! I was just curious. I know I have such a long time to go before showing and feeling movement just didn't know when I would feel a bump in there.

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  • hello, i had the same question im pregnant with my 1st baby and im 6 weeks pregnant, my docotor gave me this really cool book its called " your pregnancy and childbirth month to month". and it tells you every thing to excpet and what the baby looks like and in my book it says week 17-20 you should be able to feel the baby moving around and you should have a little baby bump by then =) but then again this is just coming from a book and every one is diffrent =) good luck
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  • I'm about 15w with my second, and I've just recently been able to "feel" that my uterus is different. It has started to pooch out, but down low it's definitly firmer. Good luck!
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  • Do you mean like when you feel like the baby's head or butt? I think that's more like around the late 20weeks. Even at 17-20 weeks you feel the baby moving around, and you feel the bumps and kicks, but feeling a large body part is a while after that. I think... sorry, it's been a while! ;) GL. I'm looking forward to the kicks the most, it's the best part!
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  • No, I don't mean to feel the head or butt. Just to feel a hardened spot - or a knot or bump. I don't mean to feel movement either. Just as in - between your pelvic bone and belly button, when do you feel it get firm or can poke and feel a firm spot. Do I make any sense? I  may not. lol

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