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GD ladies - do our babies kick more?

I notice my soon to be daughter kicks me some days like crazy? Is that due to maybe having one meal that was a bit over (accidentally) then what I was supposed to test at?

By accidentally going over did I cause my daughter to "go crazy" in my belly?


Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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Re: GD ladies - do our babies kick more?

  • Babies have busy days and slow days. If you had something sugary or with caffeine it might cause baby to be a little more active, but that happens whether you have GD or not. As far as I know, having a slightly high reading doesn't cause the baby to be more active.
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  • I sort of wondered this myself- however, I feel like this kid doesn't move nearly as much as my friends' babies did...

    My baby seems to move a decent amount shortly after I eat regardless of what it is...if I happen to go too long without a snack, the baby seems to sleep. 

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  • I have GD and my baby kicks like crazy.  I'm not even sure when she sleeps. Correlation?  I don't know.  
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  • I think every baby is different. I have GD and some days he is really quiet and others he is really active. Our ultrasound tech said that sometimes she tells Moms to eat some protein before coming in so the baby will be moving around.

     Maybe that is all it was and has nothing to do with diabetes at all.


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  • Babies ten to kick more after meals anyway, I think we are just more aware because of our guilt. Even though we didn't do anything wrong. If I have 4 exta carbs i am convince the baby is in sugar shock and will be 14 lbs.
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  • Sugar doesn't make mine move.  People will suggest drinking juice for u/s or kick counts if they aren't moving enough.  It doesn't work on her.  Caffiene on the other hand does.  I try my best to steer clear of that because I can definitely tell it affects her.  Whether GD babies in general kick more, idk.  This is my first one =)
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