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NBR: Shark customer service

Our SteamMop stopped producing steam.  It may have been from it falling once when Evan was trying to move it (oops).  Well, I called customer service to see what my options were as it is just under a year old and they are sending us a new one for $27 plus S&H.  I am really happy about this.  I have really missed using it the past month or so while we were trying to decide whether or not to buy a new one...I am glad that I called.  
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Re: NBR: Shark customer service

  • That's awesome!  I love my Shark! 
  • That's great! I didn't even consider doing that when ours lost steam. Just thought it was due to water/being dropped/whatever and they wouldn't do anything about it. Good to know if I ever get another one! I bought a Haan this time, and although it's good, I miss the way the Shark swiveled into tight spots.
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