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Anemia in 3rd Tri

Hi ladies. I havent posted here in a while so I hope its ok Im posting a question.

So my iron levels came back the other day with a hemocrit of 31.7 and hemoglobin of 10.8. I think this makes me borderline anemic.

Here is my concern. I dont want to take too much iron if I am borderline. My prenatal is 27mg and I have been taking 45mg slow fe every OTHER day.

I just keep thinking the 72mg of iron is WAY too much and I have read it can hurt the baby if you take too much.

What were your levels and what do you ladies think? Im driving myself nuts on what to do about these iron suppliments and if I need them or not

Thank you!

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Re: Anemia in 3rd Tri

  • mine level was right around what yours is and i take one pill of slow fe every day and I'm feeling better and doing fine.  Ask your OB and follow there direction.  
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  • I am about where yours is. My doctor has me on one prescription iron pill daily in addition to my prenatal and I am slowly starting to feel better. Just ask your OB what you should be taking. Remember that you have a lot more blood now than you usually do so that is why our requirements may be a lot more. Iron is necessary for your blood. It helps hemoglobin in your red blood cells bind oxygen and carry it to the cells in your body.
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  • Thanks Ladies!
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