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Medela PIS vs. Freestyle

Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions?

In reading reviews on Amazon it seems as though the PIS is bulkier and more cumbersome but more powerful than the Freestyle.

Does anyone have any experience with both of these pumps?

I was planning on buying the Freestyle because I will be returning to work and it seemed easier but now I am not so sure....

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Re: Medela PIS vs. Freestyle

  • I was debating the same thing and did research last night.  I'm a FTM, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I'm going with the PIS. (I also plan to leave the pump in the office during the week, so the heavy/bulk factor may affect me less.)

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  • I can't comment on the freestyle, but I really like my pump in style. I have the backpack and everything I need plus some fits in the backpack, so I don't find it cumbersome at all. My purse is heavier some days!
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  • I'm a FTWM and I used the Medela PIS with DD1 and I loved it! I actually travelled weekly for work after returning from maternity leave. I had the metro bag (motor can be taken out completely) and transfered everything a rolling backpack. This worked well as I was able to carry on my pump, laptop and in some cases some essential clothes.

    This time around I was also debating between the PIS and freestyle (PIS is now 3.5yrs old and I lent it to 2 other friends). I've decided to go with the PIS as I have heard its more efficient and I only have 20 mins to pump and need to get as much out as posisble in that time. 

  • I had a pis that a friend gave me, and it just seemed as though it slowed down and didnt do as well... I went back to work when DS was only 4 months old, so I had LOTS of pumping days ahead of me and went for the Freestyle... I LOVED IT!  It was more efficient and it was smaller and much quieter. 
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  • I don't have any experience with the Freestyle but I had a PIS with my 1st two and it worked great. I plan on buying another for this baby.
  • If you go with PIS... be sure to get the Metro Bag.  The Tote Bag does not allow you to remove the pump from the bag.  (If that's a feature you are interested in).
  • i have the PIS and i really like it. i don't think it's super bulky at all.
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  • FTM also, so no experience yet, but my research turned up the same results: PIS seems to get better reviews for pumping efficiency but FS is less cumbersome. For me, I'll be a SAHM for awhile so I don't mind the PIS being more cumbersome if it's more efficient.  Plus, it's the law that your job has to provide you with a location to pump in that is not a restroom.  If your job is like mine, it's a clearly marked room and everyone knows what the heck you're doing in there- it's not a secret, so I'm not very concerned about my pump needing to be discreet.
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