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Pacifier Question

So my mom was in town this weekend, helping me get things organized in the nursery and what not, and she ended up washing and santizing all of the pacifiers.  The problem now is that they don't have the little tag with them that tells me what 'size' they are... so I have no idea which ones are ok for newborns versus which ones are the 3 month + ones...

How do you know? Does it really matter?!?

 FTM here, so this may be a silly question :)

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Re: Pacifier Question

  • I've found that 3 mo or the 6 mo tend to be "firmer". Some NB ones are smaller.

    We stick to these stupid  ones: (I hate that they aren't "cute" but DS would only take them and wouldnt even take the 6 mos plus ones when he was older)

     Philips AVENT BPA Free Soothie Pacifier - 0-6 Months - Green - Avent  - Babies"R"Us

    This baby I'm trying these:

     The First Years BPA Free GumDrop Newborn Pacifier 2pk - Blue & Green - The First Years  - Babies"R"Us

  • What do they look like?  I'd compare them to a display at BRU or Target...usually the colors/pictures are different b/t the newborn ones and older ones.



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