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What a way to tell your coworkers....

So, my plan was to wait until Fri to tell my boss and my coworkers by way of a private  meeting w/ my boss and then  flashing my "Baby Loading....please wait" T-shirt to my coworkers.  Didn't happen.

Had to tell my boss today as he would be in meetings all day on Fri. I told him today, but while waiting for his door to open from a meeting, I randomly hacked in my garbage can for my whole office of cubicles to see.  I apologized and cleaned up and they all looked mortified, but not as mortified as me. I sat there PRAYING my boss would just finish so I could tell them and then get back to my desk to tell my coworkers as there was no way to hide it since I just projected my breakfast as my desk......

I told my boss, then came out and announced "Hey Guys, don't worry I do not have a stomache bug - I have a baby bug. I'm pregnant!....and once again apologized for my horrific display. 

 They congratulated me and all that..LOL..


Ugh, what a morning! At least I don't have to hide my sickness anymore!


Re: What a way to tell your coworkers....

  • Oh wow - well, at least they all know now :) Even if it wasn't exactly the way you planned it. Hopefully everyone is happy for you.

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  • Poor thingEmbarrassed I would have been so mortified....at least they know your little secretWink
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  • Yes it was quite mortifying...LOL....My office is close knit so we always know what is going on w/ eachother unfortunately. Right after it happened one of my coworkers assumed what was up as she told me she couldn't believe I went right back to working after it happened...LOL...and didn't freak out or anything. I was more concerned with the reality that I had to tell them than to come up with a story! LOL!


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