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Thoughts on Using A Doula?

Has anyone used a doula? I'm curious about your experience - good and bad - and if you would use one again. I'm looking into it, but don't know anyone who has used one.


Re: Thoughts on Using A Doula?

  • I used one with my daughter. It was the best money we spent during my pregnancy but, and its a huge but, i knew I wanted a med free birth. If you don't then I think it is a waste of money as they are really there to support you with breathing and positions, etc.
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  • That makes sense. At the moment I think we're going to see what our new midwife is like. I just relocated. If I feel comfortable enough and feel she's vested and is going to be there during the majority of the birth, I might skip it.

    Who was your doula?


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