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Talk me off the ledge...please.

I'm not a regular poster so I apologize for coming in and asking for such a big favor but I'm about to lose it and I need talked down. 

Sunday evening & Monday morning I had the slightest of slightest pink discharge...barely anything but enough for me to take notice.  I called my Dr. office first thing Monday morning and went through the normal questions...did you recently have intercourse (no)...have you recently done any strenuous work or lifting (no & no)...does the baby have it's normal activity level (yes).  They said ok as long as the pink discharge has stopped and I'm not feeling any cramping that it's nothing to worry about but to keep my eye on it and call if anything changes.  They also put me on pelvic rest.  So the last two days I have been lazy as can be...I work 8-12 in an easy desk job then I have been going home and putting my feet up for the rest of the day. 

Overall I have felt fine but I am questioning everything.  This morning I spent 10 minutes examining my underwear & tp trying to decide if the discharge was too yellow or just normal white discharge.  I have also had some lower ab & back twinges/pain, almost like the type you get when you know your period is about to start but barely noticable it lasts for all of two seconds then goes away.  I really think it's just my mind is playing games with me...setting me in panic mode. 

I gave myself until I get off work at noon and if I'm still feeling off and in panic I'm going to call my Dr. Am I being a nervous nelly?  Thanks ladies, I really appreciate it.   

Re: Talk me off the ledge...please.

  • I haven't had thesituation happen with the bleeding (so I can't give specific advice), but if you're that concerned, I'd call the OB again and see if they can squeeze you in.  Its not worth it to raise your panic levels.

    I've definitely notice an increase in discharge though, so it could all be totally normal.  And in the 3rd tri, there's definitely been more "weird pains" now and then.


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  • I'm sorry, I haven't had any spotting, but if you're really worried just call your OB and ask to come in.  That's what they're there for, and I'm sure they have plenty of experience with nervous pg ladies.  :)  No sense in keeping you worried which is not good for you or the baby.  I hope everything is alright and it's just some irritation!

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  • I think if you are worried you should go in for an appt.  Even if it's nothing at least you'll know.  I had a little spotting about two weeks ago and the OB wanted to see me and after they did an u/s and put me on the monitor he asked if I minded having an exam.  Turns out I had a yeast infection - odd that I had no idea but he swabbed it and check it under the microscope to confirm.  It was an easy fix and I'm glad he took the time to check it out.

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