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Ethan's language is exploding

It is finally happening. I knkow I just posted about this but I am so proud.  We were going through a construction book tonight and he said dump truck, back hoe, dirt, rocks, digger.  That is just from 1 book.  

Plus he is so stinking smart.  The front cover of the book was falling off so dh told him we will fix it tomorrow.  So Ethan ran out of the room and we figured he was just getting his trucks since he was matching the toy trucks he has to the ones in the book.  Nope he ran into the office and grabbed the tape to fix his book.  We have never taped a book back together so I know he learned it form OSO.  

Re: Ethan's language is exploding

  • That is really great! 
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  • yay E!!

    M's ST was amazed at what he was saying today, as was i!

    our boys rock! 



  • Awesome! What a cute story about him grabbing the tape.

  • image jewelsonu:

      We have never taped a book back together so I know he learned it form OSO.   

    OMG~ I thought my DS was the only Oso fan....he's like a freak for that Bear...

    Glad to know the show helps with something :-) 


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  • That is great news! And how cute he wanted to fix his book w/ tape. It's amazing the things they figure out. The other day Evan was using his toy screwdriver and told me he was fixing my phone, because I told him the battery was dead.
  • abba-we thought we escaped oso but somehow he discovered that unique stuffed bear.  my mom just bought both kids an oso stuffed animal.. i can't wait for them to get it
  • That's so great!!!!

  • Yay Ethan!! I'm so happy for you guys


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  • That is awesome!!!
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  • That's great news, go Ethan!
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  • Yay Ethan! That is great :)
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  • That's awesome!  What a great feeling as a mom, huh?
  • That's fantastic!
  • Congratulations Ethan!
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