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1st Trimester

Let's talk cramps...

I found out early that I was prego this time around. Actually, today is when my period should start. So, naturally, every twinge I think, "oh God, it's starting." Therefore, I'm looking for some feedback from other bumpies who are around 3-5 weeks to calm my crampy fears. Help me out. What are your cramps like? How long? How strong?

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Re: Let's talk cramps...

  • I was experiencing heavy but sporadic cramping throughout the day every day at that point in my pregnancy. Then the cramps just disappeared around week 6 and I haven't had them since. We just had our first midwife appointment yesterday and everything is fine. From what I read on many different sites (I think I was googling this 5 or 6 times a day at the time!) it is totally normal and usually a sign that your uterus is growing.
  • I had cramps like pms. Felt like my insides were stretching and trying to get out. Very mind, but noticeable.
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  • We got our BFP the day of my missed period. I had cramps that entire week and was so worried that AF was going to show up but she hasn't yet, thank god! That cramping I was feeling during week 4 is still there, but now in week 5 it's overshadowed by a ridiculous amount of bloating. Honestly, I like the cramps better. I wouldn't worry about it at all. From everything I've read it's perfectly normal.

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  • my cramping started long before my missed period and I found out I was prego a week and a half before my missed period. I am now six weeks prego and the cramping is much less often and milder. I was told as long as the cramping is not worse than you are used to during your normal period and doesn't accompany blood than you are doing fine.
  • I had lots of cramps through the end of week 6 or so, and they still reappear once in a while. There were a bunch of different kinds (stabby, clenching, pulling, achy) and in different areas, but all mild to moderate. As long as they're not severe, it's quite normal and common. Congrats!
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  • imageSquishy622:
    I had lots of cramps through the end of week 6 or so, and they still reappear once in a while. There were a bunch of different kinds (stabby, clenching, pulling, achy) and in different areas, but all mild to moderate. As long as they're not severe, it's quite normal and common. Congrats!

    This calms me. Late yesterday and throughout the night I had cramping and was a bit freaked out.

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  • I have had sporadic cramps, they're quite mild compared the menstrual cramps I experienced. I started having them towards the end of my third week. It seems like I have more at night then during the day. When they do occur I get into a position were I'm relaxed and they eventually wear off.
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  • I'm week 11 today and had cramping this morning. Very mild, felt like period cramps right before they start to get bad (I used to get them severely horrible), but they're gone now. They come and go as they please it seems. I usually notice them in the morning. Up to about week 6 they were pretty constant, but never "painful", just noticeably there. Its just occasional now. Pretty normal!
  • I've been having cramps that felt like menstrual cramps on and off since about 4 weeks. They had gotten a less frequent and less painful until the past couple days. I mean, they still aren't excruciating - just like moderate menstrual cramps. I called the nurse and she said that if I wasn't bleeding or they weren't bad enough for me to be double over in pain not to worry.
  • I am only 4 weeks, but I have been having cramping since about 7DPO which was why I tested on 9DPO. It comes and goes and feels like PMS. I kept thinking that AF was going to show. Even today, I am still cramping. I lurked a bit and googled it and it seems like everyone says it is normal, so I'm going with that!

  • This whole thread makes me feel a zillion percent better. My cramps have been with me the past week (I'm 4 weeks 5 days) in all manner of locations and types (right side, left side, middle, dull, sharp, etc...). The only consistency has been that they have (thus far) always been milder than my normal menstrual cramps, and there hasn't been any bleeding. I'm sure I'm still going to be a spazz at least until I see my doc (week 8) and maybe beyond that somewhat, but for now, it's good to know that my aches and pains seems pretty "normal."
  • I get the cramps too and they totally freak me out, even though they are normal. What I have found to help is when they come on (especially when I am at work) I take a moment to sit back in my chair and relax my belly a bit and take some deep breaths. I'm sure this is good to do anyway.

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