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I usually post on the multiples and occasionally on Oct 11 boards. I am going on 34 weeks, and this is the start of my 4th week of preeclamsia. As of today I am stable, and my biggest issue seems to be the headaches I keep getting. I am due Oct.13th with baby girl #3 but will be delivering by Oct.1st at the latest. I  have 20 month old twin girls.


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  • Hi, I will be 31 weeks tomorrow and have always been hight risk. I have heart problems and an incompitant cervix, I usually start dialating by 5 months, I spend the later two months or so on bed rest after dialating two or threee cm. I have been on bed rest since July, yeah for house arrest. This is baby #4 for me, I have two girls 9 and 10 and my son is 4, we are having a boy this time around as well :) Nice to meet you :)
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