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Am I the only one (naps)

That doesn't do naps and lets little one sleep when he wants to during the day?

our little guy sleeps well at night he has made his own bedtime for 9pm sometimes he goes down a bit earlier or a little later but usually around 9 he then wakes up at 2am then again at 6am where he gets moved into our room for another 2 hours

during the day he will nap for 10-30minutes at a time perhaps 3+ times a day but I do not schedule these naps

am I the only one? those that do naps do you do specific times during the day?


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Re: Am I the only one (naps)

  • I do not schedule naps either. When he falls asleep, that's his naptime lol. I think I'll try doing something more regimented when he hits 4 months.
  • I definitely make sure DD gets two solid naps (2-2.5 hours each) during the day.  If she wants to nap more than that I'm okay with it but she (and I) needs the nap or else she's miserable.
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  • I dont force him into one, I just follow his lead, if hes rubbing his eyes and yawning I know its time to put him down. He naps two to three times a day for about an hour or two each time. Works well for both of us....right now anyway I know that can always change :-)



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  • We try to do Sleep, Eat, Play.  The length of each of these cycles varies considerably depending on what's going on around her.  When I see her yawning, I know it's time for sleep and I put her in the moby.  She doesn't nap on her own.  I will definitely try a more regimented napping schedule when she's a little older.
  • if she wasnt so goddamn crabby without naps i wouldn't care lol but since she is i am trying my darndest to get her to nap.  it actually takes up most of my day.  she does not fall asleep on her own anywhere so it's a mission.

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    We try to do Sleep, Eat, Play.  The length of each of these cycles varies considerably depending on what's going on around her.  When I see her yawning, I know it's time for sleep and I put her in the moby.  She doesn't nap on her own.  I will definitely try a more regimented napping schedule when she's a little older.


    this...though sometimes his naps are so short the order gets messed up...but this is my goal...

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  • We don't schedule naps here either. She's kind of set her own routine. She sleeps well at night and will usually have 1-2 naps a day. She has some days where she has maybe 3-4 naps and other days where she only has 1, if that but it doesn't change her night time routine, she'll still sleep for 6-8 hours. She slept for 10 hours straight last night!


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  • I would love to have scheudled naps, but I know it's way to early for that. So at this point, LO is all over than place with naps. Some days he will nap most of the morning and then be up all afternoon till bedtime. Other days he will take a good long nap in the afternoon, but never at a predictable time from day to day. Then there are other days that he will just cap nap throughout the day. I'm hoping as he gets a little older we can have a more predictable schedule. 

  • Hudson's naps aren't scheduled. I do know that he'll be down for his first one a little over an hour after he wakes up and eats, whenever that might be. When he wakes up from that he eats and plays and that's the cycle all day, every 1 1/2-2 hrs.
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  • I did that until a couple of days ago.  He was getting himself so over tired that he also wasn't sleeping well at night.  So I'm trying to get him on a more regular nap schedule.  I shoot for one nap in the morning for 2-3 hours and one in the afternoon for around 2 hours.  He set his on bedtime for around 8:30 ages ago so we've just been going with that.  He generally gets up around 4 and again around 6 or 7 then up for the day at 9ish.

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  • Our routine sounds like yours. They take naps, but whenever. They do have a pattern, but that's not always what happens. I think when they get a little older, I am going to try to get them to have a nap time, but only so they nap at the same time! 
  • We don't schedule them and I don't think I will until she's old enough to really need me to.  I think at this age they give enough cues as to when they need to eat and sleep so I just follow that.

    Some days she only sleeps for 45 min or so and some days she sleeps almost the whole day.  She isn't cranky or fussy so it works for us.  Also we don't have a "nap spot" or any sort of nap routine.  She sleeps in her stroller, the car seat, on a blanket on the floor, in her swing, wherever she happens to be when she gets tired.  It was important to me that she develop that skill so I didn't want to start with any sort of "routine" because I don't want to be tied to the house at specific times everyday.

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  • We have no scheduled naps but DD takes several during the day. I just let her take them when she's tired. I usually stick her in her swing in the evening when I want to make/eat dinner and that usually makes her drift to sleep but that's the closest to scheduling it that we do.

  • I do not schedule nap time, I let him fall asleep when he wants. Like your little guy, he only sleeps 10-45 minutes at a time a few times a day. He also made his own bedtime so around 9pm I will give him a bath, play with him, feed him, then but him to bed. He always gets up either at 3:30am or 4:30am to eat then goes back to sleep until about 7.

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  • He has a vague general idea of when he might get tired and nap, but I haven't scheduled him at all. He sleeps great at night, so he can do whatever he wants unless that changes!
  • I don't schedule naps per se. However if we hit mid afternoon and DS hasn't napped at all I'll really try hard to get him to take one. He's not a big napper and sometimes he'll go all day without really napping only to end up SUPER cranky and miserable in the evenings, unable to settle down and fall asleep.
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  • I follow her lead. She naps when she wants to where ever she falls asleep. I don't put her in her crib or pnp, if she's in her bouncer then she stays, if she's in her swing she stays. For the most part I let her fall asleep at night on her own, but I will try to keep her up if its too early just becuase she is STTN and I don't want her to get up before 6am.
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