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Favorite Lunch Idea Site,Tips,and Tricks?

I did some googling but the first few sites I found aren't great. Do you have a place to go for healthy, nut free school, cool looking, imaginative lunch ideas? Bento boxes etc? A favorite lunch bag or thermos? Any tricks for turning out snacks and lunches day after day(and not forgetting?)
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Re: Favorite Lunch Idea Site,Tips,and Tricks?

  • http://wendolonia.com/blog/bento-box-basics/lunch-box-idea-list/

    This site is great. This is a link to her lunch box idea list, but under the "Bento Box Basics" tab, she's got lots of other good info.

    I buy most of my bento stuff either at the Marukai store (there's one in San Diego and others throughout Cali) and allthingsforsale.com - great service, fast shipping and good prices. 

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  • I love the Laptop Lunches lunchbox.  I bought an extra set of bento containers for inside so we can rotate.  It also came with a great book with lots of ideas.  A little pricey ($40 I think), but worth it because it'll last, it's enviro friendly, and safe.  
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