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Frustrated (GD)

I am so happy to have found this board and see that others are struggling with staying in the range with their GD.  I am so frustrated because with my first pregnancy my GD was so easy to manage and I never had to use insulin but this time around I am doing the diet and insulin shots and they keep having to up my insuline every few days trying to get it at the right amount.
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Re: Frustrated (GD)

  • Me too - I had GD with DS2 and it was completely diet controlled.  Really easy for me to manage.  This time around I'm on insulin for lunch and it's had to be upped a couple times already.  We're about to add insulin for fasting as well.  I'm really struggling with the whole thing, especially planning my meals while caring for the kids.  I almost just skipped dinner last night because I didn't have time to figure out what I could and couldn't eat.  I ended up eating something that was completely not GD friendly because I am so busy with the kids.  It's been really tough and very emotional for me....
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  • Add me to the list of frustrated diabetics. I work really hard to do what I'm supposed to - and it's challenging considering that I work night shifts that are 14.5 hours. It's unbelievably difficult to tell when I should be taking my insulin and when I should be eating and when I shouldn't. Even my nurse practitioner is a bit stumped. 

     Happily, my last ultrasound found my little girl to be in the 47th percentile, which was very encouraging. Her NSTs have been normal so far too. Hope this all means that I am doing a good enough job. 

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