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GD and Tums

Have you found that taking Tums before bed effects your fasting numbers?  I've read that 2 Tums equal 1 carb, so I can't imagine it really does.  But I've had a couple of oddball fasting numbers after eating the same thing the night before for dinner and after dinner snack.  I did email my dietician but haven't heard back yet.  I know there is an sugar-free option, but (even before pregnancy) I've avoided Aspartame.  Just curious if you've seen this also.  Thanks.

Re: GD and Tums

  • I did notice this a few times. Then I started taking Zantac 25 and it went away. I had a Tums once like 10 minutes before I tested without even thinking about it and my number was higher than normal. I thought back and realized it was from that. 
  • Not sure about this. I take Tums every night throughout the middle of the night due to heartburn. And my fasting numbers are really low. I chew two of the fruit flavored ones about every 2.5 hours throughout most nights.

    I'd say you are probably fine.

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  • I was taking tums at night, and my diabetes counselor did say it could effect the fasting numbers, so I switched to the sugar free kind.  I also started insulin that week, so I really can't tell you if it made a difference.

    I also switched from zantac 150mg/day to protonix 20mg/day  (obviously under my OB's direction) and have not needed to take the tums NEARLY as often.  If you are taking OTC antacids all the time, it might be time to talk to someone about trying something else.  

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  • I appreciate the posts.  Thanks!
  • I occasionally have two Tums right before going to bed and have never noticed them affecting my fasting numbers. I am on insulin, so that might be the difference, but I tend to think the small amount of carbs in Tums isn't going to cause a radical difference in numbers, fasting or otherwise.
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  • I swear on the days I do have a middle of the night tums it does effect my fasting numbers. I try to just drink some water instead. I take one before bed though and it's ok. If I weren't on insulin those 2 carbs do effect my sugar though. I am super sensitive.
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  • Same here, I am going through a bottle a month. I pop them like it is my job fro midnight to 7 and my numbers are fine.
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