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Medical Records....word to the wise

If you use Children's Medical Group....pull your records EARLY.  I came in and filled out all the paperwork two weeks ago.  They were suppose to be mailed last Tuesday.  Still don't have them.  I can't get the boys into school without their shot records. :(  And they won't fax them to me....only to another Doctor with a new signed release (because the other release was only released to this address).  But our new Dr won't see us without the records....see the circle of anger being created? 


Ugh...If I had known I would have pulled them a month early.  Learn from my mistake.

Re: Medical Records....word to the wise

  • When we moved, we didn't have all the medical records transferred right away--mainly because it cost $$ to have everything copied and sent.  So we just brought the shot records with us and that was enough for the new pedi.

    Can you just request the shot records to be sent? That might be faster.

    I feel your pain on the medical records.  It took over a month for me to get my medical records from my FL doctors.

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  • I'm working on shot records now.  Have to have a signed release from a Drs office for them to fax them to as they won't fax them to me.  But our new Dr won't see us without the records....chicken and egg....


    And yes, they charged us $50 per child to send records which they botched up on sending.  If I had known their lack of competence I would have just picked up the shot records.  That is what I get for being trusting. :(

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  • I would call back and ask to speak to the office manager and explain the situation.  I usually get things super quick from them so that surprises me.  I will say I used to be an office manager and usually the hold up is that they have to be signed off by the doctor.  So in general they usually end up sitting on a doctor desk until someone comes and makes them look them over.  Just my experience.  Sorry its been such a pain.
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  • This just makes no sense to me, and never has. How in the world is it ok for doctors to refuse to release your kids medical records to you?????  That seems so insane to me!  That's like the IRS refusing to give you your financial records. Craziness!
    Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm. 
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