Ha, my ticker is back to the beginning! No August gem for me..... — The Bump
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Ha, my ticker is back to the beginning! No August gem for me.....

40w2d, very little progress. Doc was talking about inducing this week but I wanted to give Annika a chance to make a grand entrance herself. If she's not the drama-queen type, or she just wants to be a tease and make us wait, well......looks like she'll be evicted on Sept 6th.

I don't know if I wanna change my August gem picture, though. I like it.

Re: Ha, my ticker is back to the beginning! No August gem for me.....

  • My august gem came in july, these august gems are tricky! haha

    Me: hypothalamic amenorrhea, low progesterone levels
    DH: 3% morph, low motility
    8 rounds of clomid= All BFNs
    7 IUIs= All BFNs
    IVF w/ICSI= BFN (5 Frosties)
    IVF #2 (FET)= Transfer on 12/2 Beta#1 (12/9)=29, Beta#2 (12/11)=60, Beta#3 (12/13)=177! First u/s 12/22 One little snowflake.

    Foster was born at 36w0d via c-sect due to severe preeclampsia.
    TTC #2:
    IVF#3 (FET)-Had to thaw all 3 remaining frosties, VERY POOR QUALITY. BFN
    IVF#4- Coming up!

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    Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.....
  • Good Luck hun!  So sorry you "may/most likely" have to change your August gem pic, but I hear September is FANTASTIC! :)
    Me:29 DH:35

    03/2007: Started TTC

    08/2008: DH diagnosed with MFI: 2% motility(0% progressive), and retrograde ejaculation.

    7/2010 & 9/2010: IUI #1/#2: BFN

    12/2010 IVF #1 with ICSI: BFN, 0 Frosties

    05/2011 IVF#2 with ICSI: BFP!! 5 Frosties

    12/2011: Our miracle baby graced us with his presence 6 weeks early due to unknown complications.

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  • I say keep your August gem pic b/c making it past your birth month is a badge of honor!  Hang in there.


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  • You never know, you've still got all day today and tomorrow to meet your little August gem!  September is a pretty good month too though!  :)  Hope she starts making some progress so you can meet her soon and avoid an induction!

    Dx: Hyper-turned-hypothyroidism after RAI, Stage II Endometriosis, PCOS/annovulation

    Femara brought us our first-ever BFP after 5+ years!
    Beta #1 (13dpo) 40.8, Beta #2 (17dpo) 189.4, Beta #3 (24dpo) 3748.5

    Evangeline Rachel born at 37w via scheduled c-section due to IUGR and being breech


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  • image bbakersgirl75:
    Good Luck hun!  So sorry you "may/most likely" have to change your August gem pic, but I hear September is FANTASTIC! :)

    This exactly!  Good luck, I hope she decides to come on her own today or tomorrow!

    TTC since 11/2009
    11/2010 DH SA good...01/2011 HSG is clear...01/2011 Consult with RE
    suprise BFP but m/c on 2/7/11
    03/2011 50 mg clomid=BFN
    04/2011 clomid+bromocriptine+IUI=BFP at 11dpiui
    Beta #1(11dpiui)=33, Beta #2 (13dpiui)=96, Beta #3 (20dpiui)=1910, Beta #4 (26dpiui)=20,134
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Aw she's nice and cozy in there! Hopefully she'll decide to make an entrance before her eviction :D
    Lucky SAHM to Grace


    2.5 years, 3 IUIs, 2 IVFs, and 1 FET

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