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Postpartum Depression


Have any of you ladies been able to BF while taking meds for PPD/PTSD?  If so, what were you prescribed?
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  • When I was still BFing, my OB prescribed Zoloft. I never ended up filling the script (I should have, I just chickened out), but I did read up on it some and from what I saw BFing was ok on it.

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  • There are many medications "ok'd" for PPD to take and breastfeed. The trick is finding a provider who specializes in PPD. PSI is a great organization that has provider lists for each state. Those providers work almost exclusively with Postpartum moms.
    PTSD meds are much more difficult and the most popular drugs can't be taken while breastfeeding. I only know this becuase I have severe PTSD and PPD and wasnt able to breastfeed for multiple reasons but I had to sign consents saying I wouldn't attempt to breastfeed before I was prescribed PTSD medication.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.



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