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How does it work having GD and being induced?  I know that we are at a higher risk for c-section and having to be induced depending on the size of the baby.  How big is too big exactly to where they would want to induce or have a c-section?

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  • Mine says he doesn't want to induce over 8 and 1/2 lbs, then we would do a C. She was 8 lbs on thursday at growth scan, but they are sometimes off. So I am hoping for induction on the 3rd. It may be different for your doctor but that's something he/she will discuss with you.
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  • My doc will want to schedule a c-section if baby is measuring larger than 9 lbs 12 oz. For induction, I'm not sure, but he did say that if I am not favorable for an induction at 39 weeks, we won't induce because more than likely it will just end up as a c-section. Still, they won't let me go more than a few days past my due date.


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  • I have no idea at what size my drs would schedule a c-section. I've been fortunate that size hasn't been an issue with either of my GD babies -  DD was under 7 lbs, and so far this LO is measuring a few days behind.

    They will induce all insulin dependent patients between 39 and 40 weeks, preferably closer to 39 weeks. Diet controlled patients are allowed to go to 40 or 41 weeks, depending on how well controlled they are.

    I was completely unfavorable for induction (dilated barely a fingertip, 0% effaced) when I was induced at 39 weeks with DD1. I still had a successful induction and delivered vaginally, though it took a few days.

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  • It really depends on how your GD is being controlled and how trigger happy your doc is with inductions.  I was diet-controlled and allowed to go to 42 weeks and a growth u/s wasn't required (although I opted for one since I never did one with DS and I was curious). 
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  • Every doc is different.  DS measured at 8lbs 4oz 3 days before my induction and he ended up being 9lbs 4oz.  I was favorable when i went in and I had him in under 2 hours vaginally.  This was at 39 weeks.  I was insulin controlled. 
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