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I wish

my extended family gave a flying flip about my brother and I. I think that if I fell of the face of the earth they wouldn't notice. It's hard not to hold a grudge against them when they can't even be excited for me. They could at least fake it.
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Re: I wish

  • I'm sure they are excited and happy for you.  And I bet they have told you.  But they just may not be overly expressive people who are going to rush to send you balloons and flowers.

    Have they said "congrats" or "we are so happy for you"?  Everyone is different in how they express things.

    My Mom is overboard and sends cards, calls and does happy dances. While my Dad just mumbles a congrats.  They are totally different people in how the express but I know them and I know their excitement level is actually the same but how they express it is totally different.

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  • Not even a congrats.... "uh. Ok". That was the reaction. Then a topic change to something else. I think when this baby is born I will just mail them an announcement months later.
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