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GD and no weight gain?

I know this might be kind of an odd question, but I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with GD around 13 weeks, maybe a little before.

I had gone down approximately 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight during the first trimester from morning sickness.  At this point, I am still down about 1-2 pounds (depending on the day) and am not seeing any progress in gaining!

My numbers are pretty well controlled, I do have the occasional high number, and I'm definitely eating enough (I don't think I could eat any more, lol... well I lie, I COULD if carbs were more of an option).  Is anyone else in this situation? I feel like I really should be gaining by now, especially having GD.  Maybe I'm naive in thinking that way...

I guess I should be thankful and I'm sure eventually the weight will come on, I just thought by now I'd be up a few pounds!!

Re: GD and no weight gain?

  • I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks with my DD and only gained 4 lbs after the diagnosis. With this LO, I was diagnosed at 13 weeks and have lost 12-13 lbs (depending on the day) since then. It's very common to lose, or gain very little, weight when you have GD because your diet is so strictly controlled. All GD moms are carb restricted, and some are even calorie restricted, so it makes sense that the diet would help control weight. 

    As long as you and the baby are both healthy, baby is growing well, and you're eating enough, there's usually nothing to worry about :) 

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  • I have GD, diagnosed at 29 weeks (I'm now almost 35 weeks) and I'm 1lb under my pp weight. Haven't gained anything this pregnancy. The baby is measuring in the 50th percentile and is perfectly healthy. I was a bit overweight before I got pregnant and had a diet fairly high in carbs (didn't realize just how high until I had to change it) so my Dr says it's understandable that the GD diet would cause me to lose weight. He is absolutely not worried at all.


    I know it seems really counter intuitive to lose weight or gain super slowly during pregnancy, but GD really changes the rules. As long as everyone is healthy and LO is growing I say try to relax. :)  

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  • I was diagnosed with GD early and hardly gained anything...until 30 weeks. Now At 25 weeks i have gained 30 all together, I am not even sure how because nothing changed and my numbers are great.
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  • I was diagnosed around 26 weeks. I haven't gained any weight since I have gotten pregnant. I'm down about 5 pounds overall, I think.
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  • It's been about 9 weeks since I was diagnosed (I'm at 34 weeks now) and I weigh the same as I did when I was diagnosed with GD.  I asked a few weeks ago whether this was okay and was told "we only really care about weight if you're emaciated and you're not emaciated"... For me, I think it has a lot to do with the restricted carbs and the consistent exercise I force myself to do now.  It's not a lot of exercise, but because I make a point of being active somehow after each meal, I feel like it has made all the difference. 

  • I was dx at 24 weeks with DS#2 and when I delivered at 36w I was -4 pounds.

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  • Wow.  Well this is good to know.  I don't know why I had this correlation that because I had GD I'd end up gaining like crazy.  Guess it was just one of things I put into my head!!

    I was in the "overweight" BMI category to begin with, so I know that I'm not emaciated or anything to begin with, it's just nice to know that this seems to be a pretty common thing to not gain much weight :) I'm okay with it!

  • I heard rumors that if you had to take insulin you would put on weight, but that has not been the case with me.  I feel mother nature owes us this one advantage.  The hard part will be sticking with the healthy habits once the baby arrives!
  • imageLaura62809:

    Wow.  Well this is good to know.  I don't know why I had this correlation that because I had GD I'd end up gaining like crazy.  Guess it was just one of things I put into my head!!

    Uncontrolled GD can lead to rapid or excessive weight gain. If everything is under control, through diet or meds, you shouldn't have to worry about it :)

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  • I was in the same boat for the longest time.  When I was 5 weeks pregnant, I went in for a checkup and at my first prenatal checkup a few weeks later, I had lost 5 pounds.  Then I pushed my doctor to test me for GD early since I had it with my first baby so I got tested and diagnosed at about my 14th week.  Ever since then, I?ve been struggling to gain weight, which was hard to do since carbs, fat, and sugar weren?t in my diet anymore.  I?m now 21 weeks pregnant and I weighed myself last night and saw that not only did I gain back all the weight I lost, I FINALLY gained a few extra pounds.  This is the first time I?ve ever felt jubilant at gaining weight.  Lol.


    Luckily, my doctor said that since I entered this pregnancy on the heavy side and since I have GD, I don?t need to gain more than 11 pounds.  My belly has gotten pretty big and all my ultrasounds show that I have a healthy baby so I have nothing to worry about so far. 


    I?m sure you?ll start gaining weight soon.  Just keep eating healthy and it will happen for you.  

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