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Lunch bag/box question?

Hi, imnew to having pre-k in the house. My 3 yr old ds will start next week and I have been looking for an insulated lunch bag or box for him but haven't found anything that looked good. What are you using? What about to put all the sandwiches etc in? What great lunch ideas do you have?I was going to do sunbutter and jelly sandwich cut with a cookie cutter,chopped zucchini and half a yam (my kid loves veggies) and some fruit. Plus of course the all important milk
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Re: Lunch bag/box question?

  • DD has a regular insulated lunch box.  It has Jessie from Toy Story on it since that is her favorite.  We pack her food in Ziploc reusable plastic containers, they make really small ones, and put her drink in a mini stainless steel water bottle.  DD doesn't eat much at lunch so there is plenty of room.  I normally pack a peanut butter sandwich, fruit, and some sort of veggie like carrots.  The veggies normally make their way home :)
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  • My son has a Goodbyn box- the smaller one. It is not insulated but his class puts the lunches in the fridge anyway. My son is allergic to peanuts and his school is peanut free so no nuts. I send in shredded chicken, pasta salad, chicken salad and turkey/ham sandwiches, cheese, julienne peppers, veggie chips, pirates booty, cookie, assorted fruit, cherry tomatoes, applesauce, yogurt.
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  • Ooh good ideas. The_jackpot, have you tried sun butter? Ds isn't allergic but his school is nut free and he loves sun butter, tastes like peanut butter.
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  • We have and he likes it ok. I think I may re-introduce it because it has been a little while. Thanks for the reminder!
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  • i got the boys the lunchboxes and bags from love them so far! i just put the box, an ice pack, and maybe a snack (if i need to send one that day) in the bag, and the inside is still cool when i pick them up from school (8 hours later)
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