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Less Expensive Classes for Toddlers?

Hi -


I am new here. I am looking for ideas on classes that are not so expensive for my toddler. We already do weekly story times at the Library. I was hoping to find a gym or tumbling class that cost less than $10 a class. Does anyone have ideas for activities for the 2-year old set that don't cost so much??


Re: Less Expensive Classes for Toddlers?

  • I guess I should mention that we are in Mason.. :)

  • Where have you looked thus far? In the immediate area there is Gym Nation, Little Gym, Tumblebees at Kids First, and Gymboree. I am fairly certain none of those are less than $10 a class but you should look into that. I am not aware of any other programs in the area other than the one that was offered by the Mason Community Center but that was geared towards older kids so I wouldn't recommend that one.
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  • Our 18 month old is doing the Little Kickers Program for soccer.  Its a parent and child program at the Wall to Wall Soccer Complex in Mason.  Its a 12 week session, which costs $120.  That works out to exactly $10 a session.  Not sure if you would like that type of commitment or if you were looking at more of a walk in type thing, but it looks to be in your price range.  Here is the link http://www.cincylilkickers.com/index.php



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  • We do classes at the Lebanon YMCA.  They are $25 for six classes.  They have a non-member price too, which is usually only a few bucks more than the member price.
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  • Check out your local community center.  My daughter takes classes at the Fairfield Community Arts Center and they are usually around $40 for 6 or 8 classes.  I'm not positive of the age at which the classes start.
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